27 April 2008

My weight

I am not embarrassed to admit, I love food. Because of that love, my weight has been something that I have struggled with, and haven't been comfortable with for a good portion of my life. At my heaviest, I was 255 pounds. Getting back into cycling 3 years ago helped me shed some of those pounds. A couple of years ago, Kelly started weight watchers, and I participated as well. She would go to the meetings, and would come home and share any insightful information that she received. I would count points for what I ate as well. That year, my weight plummeted 92 pounds down to 163. Too light. I had people asking me if I was well, and if I had cancer. I put some weight back on, and we went on a cruise to Mexico with some friends. Let me tell you, a cruise is not diet friendly, by any stretch of the imagination. For a while there, I wasn't watching what I ate, and my weight began to creep back up. It would hit 190, and I would say that I won't let it get higher, then it would hit 200, and I would say that I won't let it get higher - you get the picture.

Flash forward to today. Kelly and I are trying again to watch what we eat, and are trying to loose some of the weight that we have put back on over the last couple of years. We are again counting points - but this time neither of us are going to the WW meetings. We are trying to see if we can do it on our own, without spending the money to go to the meetings. Part of my plan I have taken a cue from Elden "Fat Cyclist" Nelson. He started his blog as a way to publicly announce his weight, and to track his losses and gains. His blog is a great read. I would highly suggest you check it out. My way to track my weight loss/gains is through twitter. You can follow my twitterings in the right hand column. Each Saturday I publish my weight, and gains or losses. My goal this time around is 170. Hopefully once I get there, I can maintain it this time.

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Kelly Hill said...

It's crazy to me that you think you've "struggled with your weight" for so many years. Even at your heaviest you really didn't seem to be all that heavy. It proves to me that the distortion in all of our minds is a very real thing. No matter what we weigh, society (media) doesn't seem to like it. That's not cool!

Anyway, I'm so proud of you. I admit the fact that you lose at least twice as much in half the amount of time that I do, but I'm still proud of you for being dedicated to this. It's a huge help for me as well. We can do it! Someday we'll be those people who ride their bikes together every day, just for fun. For now it will have to be that you're a "person" who rides his bike for fun. One day.....

Keep up the good work! You're an inspiration to me, Hon. Love you, k