07 September 2015

Interbike Bound!

I probably should seek help from someone in the psychiatric field, but instead I've decided to go to Interbike next week.
But only for a couple of days. I'm skipping the Outdoor Demo days, because what would be more fun than limping around in blistering heat, in the dirt and not being able to ride any of the bikes.
If you're going, look me up. I'll be the one limping with the cane.

26 August 2015

T-Shirt of the Day

I can ride a bike again!

We'll sort of... 

By "ride a bike", I mean that the leg which I mangled in a horrible fashion almost 3 months ago now bends enough that I can make a full rotation on my pedals.
Very slowly.
With very low resistance.
On an exercise bike, or a trainer.

Which leads into today's TSotD.

Another shirt from the very awesome duo of Brett and Ashley Richard, also known as Handlebar Mustache. This sums up exactly my (and almost every cyclist's) feelings of the trainer. 

However, the trainer is a necessary evil for me right now.

You can find this, and the rest of their clothing line at www.hbstache.com

25 August 2015

T-Shirt of the Day

Since I am recovering and still unable to ride a bike, it's difficult to review products. It is real easy, however, to surf the web and look for t-shirts to feature.

Today's offering comes from the land down under, Australia. Cycology has been offering casual and technical wear featuring hand drawn or painted graphics since 2011. One of their latest offerings features an awesome drawing of a Mini, draped in the Union Jack, with a full rack of bikes on the roof.

This shirt retails for approximately £19*, and can be found at www.cycologygear.com
*It seemed only appropriate to list the price in British pounds, given the subject matter.

05 June 2015

Another T-Shirt of the Day

As you may or may not know your favorite blogger has seriously injured himself. Many of you, including myself, would be surprised to know this injury did not take place on the bike. I was actually helping my ex-wife move.

The Cliff's Notes version of what happened is I shattered my right tibia and broke my right wrist in a couple places when I slipped on the moving van ramp.

Yeah, not pretty.

Fortunately I have a great group of family and friends who I can turn to for support during this time of extremely limited mobility. 

...a group that has a twisted sense of humor.

About a week ago I recieved an anonymous package in the mail. In it was this t-shirt.

Nothing sexier than an invalid model who can't even give a proper thumbs up on his right hand.

I have my suspicions as to who sent it, but I'm not going to get all sleuthy and try to figure it out. I'm just going to say thanks, the shirt definitely lifted my mood.

Another drawback to my injuries is the delay in additional blogging, and doubt on wether I will be attending Outdoor Retailer and Interbike this year. Stay tuned, dear reader. There will probably be even less posted over the next few months, but this blog is not going dark. 

30 May 2015

T-Shirt of the Day

Yes, another post. And, no surprise it is a t-shirt again. 

I'm currently sitting at a rest stop for a local charity ride. Not riding today, but volunteering. Bo, the mechanic from Biker's Edge and we're talking about vintage bikes, like the swing bike.  

I mentioned that I have a Huffy Wheel (no links today, since I'm doing this on the phone), and wanted to restore it. I said that putting a Wham-O Wheelie Bar on it would be awesome. 

For giggles and grins, I looked online to see if I could find one for sale. I didn't find one, but I found this:

A cool, vintage style ringer T, with an old ad. Awesome. 

I found it on several sites by Google searching. I'll add a link later when I'm not mobile. 

26 May 2015

T-Shirt of the Day

If I was at all regular in my postings, I might rename my TSotD posts as "T-Shirt Tuesday", but as soon as I do that, it'll be another month before I post again. So the name stands for now.

And enough of the sidetrack. As you were guessing by the name, I found another bicycle-themed t-shirt that I think is cool (your own opinion may vary).

Today's shirt comes to us courtesy of Rat Rod Bikes. Their shop truck shirt is a pre-order, so if you are interested, place your order now. They will print when they get 40 orders.