09 April 2014

It's Spring, and the Green Bikes are Blooming

Okay, I didn't come up with the title. It was actually something that was said at the SLC Bike Share kickoff event yesterday afternoon. 

Mayor Ralph Becker, SelectHealth CEO and President, Pat Richards, and Executive Director of the Wasatch Front Regional Council, Andrew Gruber (who I took the title from) announced the official kickoff of the second year of the SLC Bike Share program.
Ben Bolte, director of the SLC Bike Share program

Mayor Ralph Becker

Pat Richards, President & CEO of SelectHealth

Andrew Gruber, Exec. Director of the Wasatch Front Regional Council addressing the gathered crowd

All of them talked about the great success that the bike share program has had here is Salt Lake, and they were optimistic for the coming year, even announcing some increases in their support.

After the press conference, I had a chance to ask Ben Bolte, the director of the Green Bike program about the rumors of expanding the program. He said that they are going to be adding 8 new stations, and 100 additional bikes in July. The stations would still be in the downtown area, adding density to the existing area covered. There are no plans to expand outward - such as up towards the University of Utah in the immediate future.

The pricing structure will remain the same for 2014, $5 for a 24 hour pass, up to $75 for an annual membership. New members will still get a free Bern helmet when they sign up.

07 April 2014

Things I like: Krieg Cycling Bags

I have never been a fan of huge saddle bags - the ones that you can pack a whole toolbox in, along with two tubes, a pump, chicken dinner... you get the drift.

My favorite bag is from a small company out of Pocatello, ID. Krieg.

Sam Krieg started 15 years ago sewing chalk bags for climbing. He made the bags out of wild and funky patterns to bring some personality to a standard and drab product.  When he started making bike bags, he continued the same trend.

Krieg saddle bags are just the right size for me. I can stash a tube, multi-tool, CO2 cartridge, and tire lever inside, and it tucks up nicely under my seat. the Velcro strap holds it securely to the rails without the need to use a strap around the seatpost. I have one for both my road and cross bikes, I need to get one for the wife's bike.

You want a fuzzy pink saddle bag? Leopard print? Comics? He can do it. 

The bags will run you $22.50. You can find the bags in numerous bike shops around the country, or order them online (free shipping!).

What are you waiting for? Add some fun to your bike. As their motto says: Dream in Color!

05 April 2014

T-Shirt of the Day

I have been informed by my wife that I have entirely too many t-shirts.  Her claims do have some basis in fact.  But still, I can't help it.  I love t-shirts.

I especially love shirts that have a cool picture or logo, *and* give you added benefits. 

The latest find: The Pedal Pushers Club Membership T-shirt.

Cool logo? Check.  Added benefits? Check!  Your $21 for the shirt gets you a membership in the club for anyone who rides. It also comes with your very own membership card, exclusive access to limited edition items, free shipping, and extra schwag with your orders.

Join the club!

04 April 2014

Product Review: Chrome Cobra Merino Hoodie.

It has been said that the only clothes you need to ride your bike is what you currently have on.  You don't need to go "full Lycra" every time you swing your leg over the top tube on your bike.

That being said, clothing made specifically for the bike does have it's place, and does offer benefits that you don't find in "normal" clothes.

And, if your bike specific clothing is able to make the transition to "normal" everyday wear? Well, that is something special.

Last Fall, Chrome - the makers of fine messenger bags and whatnot sent me one of their Cobra merino hoodies. I don't think I've taken it off since then.


It is simply one of the softest, most comfortable items of clothing that I own. It's lightweight and thin, but at the same time warm. It has an understated, casual, off the bike style yet still offers several features that you appreciate when on the bike. 

First off, the cut of the hoodie is very trim. The merino is naturally moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating, as well as being odor resistant.  It also has longer sleves and torso so it doesn't ride up when you are over the bars.  The longer sleves also have a thumb hole - my mom saw that and offered to repair the "tear" in my hoodie one day - which is nice when the weather is brisk. The hood is deep and the colar is tall to protect you from the elements. 

My favorite features are the pockets.  Along with the front pockets - which are fully zippered - the Cobra hoodie has a full pass-thru rear pocket for storing gear, and a key/stash pocket on the right wrist.

All of this greatness comes with a price. In this case, that price is $160 ($100 if you forgo the merino and get the standard Cobra hoodie).

More info can be found here.

14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Go for a ride with your significant other. If you don't have one, go for a ride anyway. Maybe you'll meet them while your'e riding.