27 February 2015

Sorry for the Interruption

I know that as of late I haven't been the most reliable blogger out there. Sorry for that.

Truth of the matter is, real life has gotten in the way.

Since late last year, we have been in the process of trying to move. The frustration and anxiety with trying to get the current Global HQ on the market, and looking for a new spot from which to continue my world domination has left little time for more than a link to a cool cycling-themed t-shirt or the occasional comic strip.

I promise that I have not into hibernation, or worse yet, abandoned the blog. I have several items that once they are unpacked, will be put through their paces and once again the blog will be back to its former glory (assuming that there was any glory before...)

Thanks for your patience and understanding

13 February 2015

T-Shirt of the Day

Today's post isn't about a t-shirt you can buy, rather it is a story about what happened today to me at "The job which pays the bills so I can pretend to be a bike blogger".

Apparently my reputation as a bike nerd has spread around the office. I'm sure that me being the only one on my floor who commutes by bike has helped fan those rumors, but I digress.  This morning, I get to my desk only to find a pile of t-shirts on it. 

The shirts, a couple of event shirts from 2000 (is 2000 far enough in the past to label them as "vintage" yet?): Utah's Best Dam Bike Tour - MS150, The Little Red Riding Hood (a women's only century) and a club shirt - which had a unique feature that I haven't see on a cotton shirt before (see below)...

Yes, this shirt has rear pockets, just like your favorite jersey.  

No idea who left this gift for me, my pod-mate said they weren't here when he left last night, and no one has come forward.  

To whoever it is, thank you!

26 January 2015

T-Shirt of the Day

From Siskiyou Cyclery in Ashland, Oregon. Their Bike or Die shirt mimics the "Join or Die" campaign of 1765 that urged American colonists to junior against the British.

Contact them at (541)482-1997, or siskiyoucyclery.com of you would like one.

12 January 2015

Weeky Ramble

This is a common sight at my work. There are cable locks, and U-locks, on fences and racks all over the parking garage. They are stiff, and the plastic casing on the cables is weather-faded and cracking. There are layers of dust and grime on the locks from years of neglect. Some of these locks have been there longer than I have been commuting by bike.

In the years that I have commuted, I have never seen a bicycle locked up using these locks. I always wonder why they are abandoned? Are they the cast-off results of a failed new year's resolution or bike month challenge? Were the keys lost, or combinations forgotten? Did the owner ride his or her bike to work one day, only to decide that the effort was not worth the reward. Putting the bike away in the garage or shed, forgotten and unused as the locks they left behind?  The answer may never be known.

I wonder why the locks are not cut off. It is easily apparent by the dust that the locks have not been touched in years.

Perhaps one day when I go out to head home, the locks will be perfoming their intended function by securing bikes. Or the locks may be gone, leaving me to speculate if the owner finally retrived their lock, or the owner of the garage finally got tired of the locks decorating the fences and cut them off.

07 January 2015

Back on the Saddle Again

Today was the first day commuting by bike since Christmas Eve.

The 2 week hiatus was brought on by a miserable head cold that wouldn't leave.  The fact that it occured during the same time as the coldest week of the year was nothing more than pure dumb luck.

Getting back on the bike proved harder than I thought it would. I kept on saying things like "The air is crap, my throat and lungs can't handle that right now". Plus, heated minivan seats are soooo nice - especially when the morning temp is in the single digits.

But the bike calls, and I could no longer ignore its siren song. 

"You don't have to prove anything to anyone." My wife said to me.  True enough, I don't have to prove anything to anyone - which is why I stopped using Strava (another story for another time) - except for myself.  So I found myself this morning making sure that my lock was in my bag, pulling on my cycling shoes, bundling up, and rolling down the driveway on my trusty Motobecane.

You can only ignore the siren call for so long...

06 January 2015

New Clif Bar Flavors

Here at Bike-Junkie Global HQ, we're always excited to hear when Clif announces a new bar flavor. This time, we have two.

Nuts & Seeds, and Berry Pomegranate Chia.

To me, the Nuts & Seeds is like their Crunchy Peanut Butter, only better. To the peanut butter, they added almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Sweet, salty, and delicious!

The missus was a big fan of the Berry Pomegranate Chia bar. The tangy bite of pomegranates and Cranberries combined with sweet strawberries, with some natural energy from the chia seeds.

Both bars were great!

Look for them wherever you find Clif bars.