20 May 2008

The morning commute

I am feeling a little anti-car this morning. My commute usually takes about an hour from garage door to front door. Today, I got on the freeway, and immediately came to a standstill. There were at least two wrecks on the freeway within a couple of miles of each other. Instead of waiting for an unknown period of time, I decided to try to bypass the wrecks on the surface streets. Unfortunately, the streets I selected to drive down were under construction. I finally arrived at my office 30 minutes after my shift start, and an hour later than I should have arrived if people hadn't been stupid and caused accidents.

I decided to post a couple of pro-bike editorial comics today, because of my dim view of commuting and cars today. I have said it before, I wished I lived close enough to my work that I could commute by bicycle. I do try to lessen my impact, and commuting cost by carpooling half way with my mom, unfortunately the wrecks were in the half where I am by myself today.

I don't have any answers as to how to ease the congestion on the freeways other than what people who get paid to think about things like that have come up with. Bike Month was created to hopefully get people thinking that there are other ways to get from point A to point B other than by their car. There is a great website the Two Mile Challenge sponsored by Clif Bar. It helps people see exactly how much of our lives are within a two mile distance from our houses. Two miles is easily biked or walked, yet an obscene number of trips are made by car for these distances. If more people would look into alternate forms of commuting, other than climbing in their cars all by themselves, the freeways wouldn't be as crazy as they are, and there would be less accidents. I'll step down off of my soapbox, for now.

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