27 June 2008

I did it!

I signed up for my first race!

Well, sort of.

I guess that I should say that I signed up for the Tour de Donut. What is the Tour de Donut? It involves, riding fast, stopping to eat several donuts, riding not quite as fast, stopping for more donuts, and riding considerably slower one last time. All the time trying not to expel the donuts that you have previously eaten.

Why would you eat the donuts then? I can hear some of you say. Well, you get 3 minutes taken off of your overall time for each donut eaten (and kept down). Theoretically if you can eat enough donuts, you could complete the race with a negative time!

I did say "keep down". You could be racing along, with a great real time, and have a stellar "donut time" for all of the donuts you have packed away. But if you blow chunks, it wouldn't matter. Barfing = disqualification.

What do I think my chances are? I am figuring I will place somewhere between back of the pack, and DFL. My advantages are that I do know how to ride a bike, and I also know how to eat. In fact, this year the majority of my training has been in the eating category of this race. In fact, the observant ones of you who read this blog, and who follow me on Twitter may have noticed that it has been a while since I have twittered my weekly weight. Well, the metaphor of beating a dead horse comes to mind. Life is too stressful right now to try to focus on weight. Maybe soon.

Anyways, wish me luck in my first race!


Kelly Hill said...

What's DFL? I'm sure I've asked before but I know you're begging me to again.

You'll do great. I think you'll eat tons of donuts and keep them down. You can do it! Oh yeah, stick some donuts in your little shirt pockets on your back and bring them home for me. I LOVE donuts!!!


Bike Junkie said...

DFL is dead flipping last.