07 August 2008

Cars vs. Bikes. Road rage in Utah

It seems like there have been more stories coming up in the news in the past several months about cars vs cyclists. From the officer in California who apparently fell asleep at the wheel and killed a couple of cyclists, to the Doctor who was upset at a group of cyclists, and stopped directly in front of them, to the Texas man who plowed into a race down in Mexico sending bikes and cyclists flying in all directions. Now we can be added to that list. Check out this story for the full details.

What is the deal? Get a clue! Gas is over $4.00, and as it goes higher, you are going to see more and more people who decide to trade in their 4 wheels for 2 and take to the roads on bicycles. Yes we are slower than you, but is it worth flying in to a foaming rage because of a few lost seconds because you had to wait for some cyclists? No, I am not saying that everyone who rides a bike is a saint, and completely blameless - idiocy is universal, it respects no boundaries. But a 2 ton car against a 15 pound bike is hardly a fair fight. Thank goodness no one was killed or seriously hurt in this encounter.


Kelly Hill said...

Dude! That is horrible!! That guy even has a smug look on his face like he's proud of himself. And where in the crud is his shirt? Stinkin' redneck murderer-wannabe.

Long live the cyclists!!!

Love you, k

Anonymous said...

That is the incident I was telling you about at dinner last week, that the police officer was telling me about at our Veterans conference.