25 August 2008

I was stupid Saturday

If my sister-in-law ever read my blog, she would have a field day with the title of the post. Let me explain.

I went for an early (okay 8:00 am) 25 miler around Eagle Mountain Saturday Morning before everyone got up, and things got going. Okay, nothing too stupid there. After I got back, and got some breakfast in me, I sat down to check email/blogs. Still doing good. Kelly and I decided Friday night that we should call her sister and see if they wanted to go on a picnic, or do something else Saturday. So she called them to see what was up. They were planning a "Rash family fun day" (For those of you who aren't related to me, their last name is Rash - they weren't planning a roll in the poison ivy, or anything else like that) to go see Kung-fu Panda and asked us if we wanted to come along. Sensing a chance to go on another bike ride, I asked Kelly when the movie started, and if she minded if I rode my bike from home to Julie's. She agreed only if I left now.

Julie and Phil live in Provo, about 32 miles from our house - avoiding the freeways. I (for the most part) knew the route I wanted to take; State st. to Geneva rd. to their house, and approximately knew how long it should take me, so I was off. Everything went great, until I got to where I should turn to go to Geneva rd. and I made a wrong turn. When I went past the dump, and ended up down by the lake, I figured out that I must have made a wrong turn a couple of miles back (aaargh!) and turned around to re-trace my steps and find the right turn.

No, this is not the "stupid" part yet - although not one of my best moments. Keep reading.

So, I went back to the road I thought would get me to Geneva... Wrong again! About this time, Kelly called me to wonder where I was, because they decided to go out for lunch before the movie, and she decided that I was going too slow, and they would have to come pick me up if we were going to have time to eat before the movie. At this time, I has to confess that I was "lost" ( I wasn't really lost, I knew where Geneva rd. was, and I knew where I was. I just wasn't sure how to make both answers the same at that particular time) She started heading up Geneva rd. to my approximate location, and I continued my search for the elusive Geneva rd. - which was as it turned out, just over the overpass I was stopped on while I talked to Kelly.

Okay, you are probably thinking that this is it. No, it gets better...

We met up a few miles further down Geneva, and headed for Burgers Supreme. Then off to the dollar theater in Orem to watch the movie. I put my bike inside Julie and Phil's suv when we got to the theater, and noticed that my back tire was flat (aaarrgh!)

Skip forward to Sunday after church. I go downstairs to change my flat tire. While in the process of changing it, I notice that my seat bag is missing from it's usual location under the saddle. I at first start to panic, thinking that it either fell off mid-ride, or it fell off on the freeway when the bike was on top of the car. I looked over at the shelf, and saw it sitting there, where I had left it last weekend when I took it off because I needed to help a neighbor patch a tire on their bike.

So, here is where I was stupid. I went on a ride down an unfamiliar route on unfamiliar roads, without a spare, tools, patch kit, Co2 cartridge, or money. I could have had a flat - which I did!!! My only saving grace was that I had my cell phone, and I was riding to meet my family. Kelly also knew my route, so if there had been a real problem where I physically couldn't have called, she would have been able to backtrack and find me - except I made a wrong turn and got "lost"!

So remember kids, always be prepared. That story could have ended much differently.


Kelly Hill said...

You Stupid!!!!!!!

That was quite a fun day. It's still confusing to me to figure out how you could have gotten lost on that route, but whatev!!

Love you, k

Julie said...
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Julie said...

If you really think the stupid part was at the end of your post, or even the part where you got lost, you need to reconsider. The STUPID part was when you said you wanted to ride your bike to my house even though you had complete knowledge that we live 32 miles apart. Hellloooooooo!!! McFly???