08 September 2008

Bridal Veil Falls

I was reading on another local cyclist's blog today about his family's ride to Bridal Veil Falls this weekend. He mentioned in his blog about a local group wanting to raise money to buy out the property and improve it. Bridal Veil Falls has been subjected to several natural and man-made disasters over the past two decades, and is in great need of refurbishment.

The Provo River parkway trail is one of my favorite places to take my kids riding. In the past, we have always stopped at the falls so the kids can play in the pools at the bottom. Last time we went up, the trail was closed on both sides of the falls because some dim bulbs decided to climb up to the upper tram house and set it on fire - Okay, I'm sure that was not their initial intent (I hope), but because of their actions the trail was closed because of falling debris. One of the first dates I took Kelly on was a ride in the tram up the falls, back in 1993.

The kids and I enjoying a nice summer day on the trail

Go check out the Refresh the Falls site. They sound like they have a sound idea to clean up the area and make it a really nice park. One thing I noticed, was that the tram was listed as an optional part of the refurbishment plan. As fun as the tram was, it seems that it was constantly being damaged by avalanches over the years. I think that it is a good idea not to try to replace it, but instead focus on the natural beauty of the area.

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