16 September 2008

A special day

I've been off blogging for a few days. Nothing going on at the homefront, and I haven't felt like looking at velonews to see what is going on in the world of cycling.

That said, today is a special day. 14 years ago I became a father. Keni Jaelyn came into this world after something like 36 hours of labor and finally a c-section. Watching my brother-in-law, Phil study the monitor that measured Kelly's contractions, and tell her "Ooh, you're having a contraction" like he had a crystal ball or something - while she is smack-dab in the middle of one was classic.

Out of all of my kids, Keni is the most like me (heaven help her!). She likes the same music I like, she has my sense of humor (poor kid), and she is the one who is the most into bicycles. She says that she wants to do some of the rides with me next year. I keep telling her to get out there and ride so she will be ready.

Anyway, happy birthday my little girl!


Anonymous said...

Yes! She will always be "Daddy's Special Little Girl". God Lover 'er!!

Kelly Hill said...

"Something like 36 hours" means PRECISELY 37!!!!!! You cheat me, You cheat me!!

Uhhh, Myrn, what exactly is "God Lover 'er!!"??? Just curious, Old Woman!