02 September 2008

Tuesday evening ride

Tonight my five-year-old, Jackson and I went for a bike ride. The other kids had scouts and young women, so it was some quality alone time for the two of us. Jackson loves to go on bike rides with his dad. Tonight we went "exploring"; Instead of turning right on the bike path, we turned left. After a few of those decisions, we ended up on a dirt road under the power lines. Jack had a lot of fun, and after we got home, he took a shower and pretty much fell fast asleep as soon as he went to bed. I'm glad the kids like to go riding with their old man. It's nice to take down the mountain bike and go at a slower pace once in a while.


Kelly Hill said...

Wow, you were WAY out there! I knew you went a long way, but that's crazy. Thanks for taking him out, he really REALLY needs to use that energy in order to stay out of trouble!!

Love you, k

Anonymous said...

What a great thing to do ... go riding with your little one. I'll bet you both had a blast; and as Kel said, use up a little of his energy. Great job, Dad !