03 October 2008

I see my Jackson

My 5-year-old, Jackson is in kindergarten this year. His teacher sends these little photocopied books home with him every week to help him learn sight words like "I, see, like, my, and" etc... used in sentences like "I see my (picture of a bowl of cereal), I see my (picture of toast)" Last night when I got home I found this taped to my bedroom door. Sorry for the weird blueness of it, I used my camera phone's flash since it was dark in the hallway.

Kelly asked him how he knew how to spell dad. He said that he sounded it out. I love the picture! He even has me wearing a helmet. Such a cute kid!

Tomorrow, we are heading out of town for an extended weekend. We will be at a family wedding up near Twin Falls, Idaho. I am taking my bike, but with the weather forcast for this weekend being what they are, I am not sure if I will get to ride or not. Let's hope for blue skies.

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