07 December 2008

Saturday recap.

Sorry there has been a hiatus in "Caption this" for a couple of weeks. To make up for it, I give you this:

So, Saturday was yet one of those days that simply defied the season. Sunny, mid 50's and a simply gorgeous day to be outside. You would think that I would have immediately headed for the bike and gone on a nice long ride. Don't think that didn't cross my seemingly one-track mind. But I had other things going yesterday.

First off, Jackson my daredevil 6 year old had his birthday party with his friends. We had 10 5-7 year olds in my living room, watching An Extremely Goofy Movie, and eating cake for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

Then my mom came out and took Kelly and Keni out shopping, so it was just the boys at home. Jacob almost has all of his requirements for his Arrow of Light in scouts. All he is missing (we believe) is a hike. He needs to get this hike completed before his 11th birthday - which is at the end of January. Jack, Jake and I hiked up to the water tank (if it is below ground, I guess you can't officially call it a water tower) on the hillside above our little city, a 3.7 mile hike. It was getting dark and cold by the time we made it back.

Out on the hike

I seriously didn't stage this picture. All I told them was to turn around and look down at the city below us.


Anonymous said...

My Caption: That darned Rudolph! I seriously didn't think he would convince all the Reindeer to go on Strike for higher wages !!

Anonymous said...

Sweet pictures of the boys on your hike. It's nice to see them getting along -- if even for a short time.

Julie said...

I have no caption. I'm just not creative enough I guess.

Awesome pic of the boys though. Very, very cool.