23 December 2008

Why Twitter is cool

Twitter, if you don't know is one of those "social networking" sites, along the lines of Facebook etc... The difference with Twitter is you only have 140 characters to answer the question, "What are you doing?"

As far as cycling goes, there are several big names who twitter, Lance Armstrong for example. Most of his tweets are along the lines of "got my ears lowered", or "Back from riding. 5 hours in the hill country. Staying out at our ranch for a few days". He also tweets when he is getting another doping control test, fairly normal stuff.

Here is where it gets cool. The cycling media reported that Lance was riding in the Sarthe-Loire (they have since changed their story) Lance tweeted the following
See some reports I'm racing La Sarthe-Loire (France) in April . Cool race... raced it before ... but no plans to be there in 2009. Thanks. from TwitterBerry
For a very extensive list of all of the cycling related twitters out there, visit Carlton Reid's bike biz site where you can find out what cycling companies, pro's, bloggers (what, I made the list, whu? How did that happen?) are tweeting.

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