21 January 2009

My Interview

My interview, courtesy of my wife...

1. Who is your favorite hero of fiction and why?
My favorite hero of fiction is Arthur Dent from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Why, is because he represents how I feel most of the time. He is the quintessential example of someone who is lost, bewildered, confused and most definitely not in control of the situation. He is out of his element, and when he finally manages to find himself in a place where he feels - not necessarily in control - but comfortable with his relative lack of control, something comes along to completely disrupt his perceived comfort zone, and drag him - usually kicking and screaming - back into the maelstrom.

2. What is your motto?
I don't believe that I have a motto. There isn't one particular oath, quote, phrase or battle cry that I repeatedly turn to for inspiration or guidance. For that particular reason, I usually leave the "favorite quote" question on sites such as facebook etc.. blank. That is not to say that I do not want a motto. I just haven't found one that I like yet.

3. At a large, social function, would you rather fart very loudly or visibly wet your pants?
Oh, most certainly farting. If you can't blame someone else for it, at least the embarrassment (and smell) will eventually fade away. Whereas wetting your pants can't be blamed on anyone else, and the embarrassment, (and wet, uncomfortable feeling) isn't going away anytime soon.

4. What is your greatest regret?
Telling my wife "yeah, I want you to interview me". Seriously, this is a tough question. What would be my greatest regret is completely subjective to what is happening to me at any given moment. One day, it might be ordering fries instead of onion rings. Right now, I would have to say missed opportunities - specifically, what is going on with my brother, Mike. It's been almost 30 years since I have seen him,and aside from a a couple of calls over the years, there has been no contact with him. In two weeks we are flying back east to see him before he dies. For all intents and purposes, I am going to meet a complete stranger for the first time. I have never met his kids, and by the time we get back there, who knows what condition he is going to be in. He is going in sometime this week to have his kidney removed, and pending the outcome of the biopsy, he may be undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. I regret that I didn't try to reconnect with my brothers before this. I regret that the Mike that I am going to meet isn't going to be "real" Mike, but someone who is nearing death. I regret that my actions might seem "too little, too late".

5. What would be your favorite film double feature?
I can't definitively answer this question. My favorite films change based on what I have watched recently, and what kind of mood I am in at any given time. Also, I sometimes like to revisit movies that I haven't watched in a long time. I can say that my favorite double feature would feature a mix of genres such as comedy and action, animation and sci-fi, etc...

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1 comment:

Kelly Hill said...

You kinda pooped out on #s 2 and 5. Oh well, good try. Maybe your motto could be: Mottos are for Morons!

What I was thinking about Mike, is that he will probably be the "real" Mike even more nearing death than otherwise. There won't have to be any pretenses... you'll get each other in an extremely "real" way, and that's wonderful. It's sad it has to be this way, but your actions aren't too little too late. It's not an "action" anyway.... it's not something you're doing for recognition, it's a very real desire to get to know as much of your brother while you can. That's admirable and that's wonderful! Life gets in the way, always. It's hard to make things like this a priority when we're not forced into it. Our trip will be amazing and I KNOW that you'll come back with a greater appreciation for brothers and family in general. Don't be too hard on yourself.