25 February 2009

Update on the Utah Velodrome

One of my friends who lives in Washington commented on Facebook that he is excited about the velodrome coming to Eagle, Idaho since it will be the closest velodrome to his house.

That made me realize that I haven't checked on how the plans for a velodrome in Utah are progressing. I went to the Salt Lake Velodrome website and was greeted with this news:

We are excited to be able to share with you the conceptual floor plans for the Ogden Velodrome. The velodrome is going to be located within a multi-use facility that will also host an indoor archery range and tennis courts. The track is going to be a wood track and 250m long. The plans call for seating for approximately 2900 on the mezzanine level and also include concession areas and a pro-shop space. The final location has not be finalized but it will be located in downtown Ogden and close to FrontRunner.
Here are the links to the main floor floorplan and the mezzanine floorplan. It looks like it is going to be a nice facility. I will post another update when there is more news.

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