19 February 2009

vintage + modern = Renaissance

This is my bicycle. The frame is a 1993 Koga-Miyata Prologue, the components consist of a Gipiemme Grecal Prade wheelset, Sram 9 speed cassette, FSA Gossamer compact crankset(added since the picture was taken), Shimano 600 derailleurs and brakes, etc... Essentially components that are much newer than the frame.

There are a couple of reasons why I built my bike like this; First off, cost. When I built the bike, I couldn't afford to purchase a new bicycle, and it was cheaper to buy an old steel frame off eBay and finish it with parts sourced from the internet, bike shops, and my basement. Second reason is that it is unique. My bike lugged steel bike stands out in the sea of carbon and aluminuim bicycles you encounter everywhere you go.

Tim Jackson mentioned a shop on his blog recently, Renaissance Bicycles, that does the same thing that I have done with my old Koga, but with much nicer results. Check out their '84 Colnago Master, a stunning example of classic steel mated with modern componentry. Renaissance Bicycles also has a full selection of parts, and tips on bringing your own vintage bike into the modern era. I recommend checking them out.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the complements, and thanks for spreading the good word about Renaissance Bicycles!

And yes, your Koga-Miyata looks great! We have built-up Miyata touring bikes in the past, and they had a great lugged steel ride.

Thanks again,

-- Bryan