01 March 2009

Share the Road Licence plates pt. 2

Back in August I posted about how the Utah Bicycle Coalition was working to get a "share the road" licence plate similar to other states here in Utah. Today, I opened up my March issue of Cycling Utah, and came across this article:

Share the Road Licence Plate Under Consideration in the Utah Legislature

Cyclists throughout the state hope that Utah will become the 17th state to adopt a Share the Road licence plate. Legislation authorizing the special group plate was initiated by Senator Wayne Niederhauser (District 9 - Sandy) who recently presented the Bill to the Senate Transportation, Utilities, and Technology committee. the committee unanimously supported it and sent it to the Senate floor for a vote. If approved, the Bill will go to the State House of Representatives for another round of review. If signed into law, the Share the Road Licence plate would become available on October 1, 2009.

Vehicle owners may then purchase the plate when renewing their annual vehicle registration. The cost will be an extra $25 per year. This fee will go to replenish the Share the Road licence plate inventory and support bicycle advocacy activities of the Utah Bicycle Coalition (UBC). The UBC with generous support from the Bonneville Bicycle Touring club, other cycling organizations, and individual cyclists has raised enough funds to purchase 2500 plates, the minimum number required by the Utah Tax Commission to ensure that plates are available at all of the Department of Motor Vehicle offices throughout the state. Similar to other special group plates, the design will include a 4 inch square decal on the left side of the plate, and a slogan at the bottom of the plate.

The UBC is a non profit organization made up of recreational and commuter cyclists, bicycle manufacturers and retail shops, and transit advocates. Bicycle advocacy activities focus on developing good laws and legislation that promote safe cycling, participating in transportation planning and construction that provide safe accommodations for cycling, educating cyclists and motorists about safe cycling, sharing the road, and obeying the law, and developing a network of safe cycling routes throughout Utah. Through these activities, the UBC hopes to promote sustainable healthy lifestyles, support Utah's cycling industry, and assist local bicycle advocacy groups.

-Ken Johnson, UBC President

This should be what the plate will look like. Soon, we will be able to let others know how we feel about bicycles and cycling.

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