02 March 2009

Share the Road plate update

I just read on Jared Eborn's blog that House Bill 102 passed through the transportation committee this morning.

Sounds like the only thing left is for all of the cyclists to start thinking of what they want their vanity Share the Road plates to read:

Although, this last one may be more appropriate with this special intrest plate...

Can anyone else come up with any more vanity plate ideas for your favorite cyclist?

1 comment:

Kelly Hill said...

Since you never really commented on all my texts, I figured I'd put them on your blog. Love you!!! k

RIDE4LF (Ride for life)

RIDEALWZ (Ride always)

RIDETHIS (duh...)

USPINME (You spin me)

SPOKNPLZ (Spoke nipples)

The last one is my favorite. : )