19 April 2009


Yes, yet another post not related to bicycling in any way, shape, or form. Sorry.

For those of you who follow me on twitter, or are my friends on Facebook, you know that we are back from our adventures in the wilds (read: nice house on an island in the Snake river that has no phone, cellular signal, or internet access) of Idaho. Stay tuned for pictures and a trip update (I promise it will include bicycles, as I found - okay, was told about a really nice singletrack along the Snake by Eric, the park ranger).

On with the non-bike-related post.

Last month, I posted about a site I came across where you could "Simpsonize" yourself, and before that, I posted about Tilt Shift Maker, where you can make your pictures look like miniatures. This time I came across a post on Fritz's site where he used BeFunky to add special photo effects to your pictures.

I was going to find some bicycle picture to "BeFunkify", but I came across the picture my daughter took of me in line for the Guster concert I Simpsonized first.

Handsome devil!





line artopia'd


and Wharholized

Okay, here is a bike picture just to keep you happy, my youngest out on his bike.

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