30 April 2009

Take a seat, redux

Well, the great saddle dilema has been resolved

Today I went across the street to my local bike shop and purchased a new saddle for my road bike. After a couple weeks of looking and researching, I decided to go with a Bontrager InForm RL.

Which is replacing my previous saddle, a Performance Forte Pro SLX

The plan is to have it on the bike tonight and take it out for it's first long ride on Saturday. Problem with that plan is the weather is currently mid-70's and sunny. Which, according to the rules of Spring in Utah, means that Saturday will be -35 with 4 feet of snow in the valley. Once I am able to get out on a ride of any significant distance, I will post my overall feelings of the new saddle.


This is why it pays to become friends with your local bike shop. When I went in this morning to purchase my new saddle. The owner said "hmm, this is going on sale next week. I'll go ahead and give you the sale price today." Woo Hoo!

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