04 May 2009

Eagle Mountain in the news - It's a good thing this time!

Per my monthly ritual, I made a trek to one of the nearby bike shops to pick up my copy of Cycling Utah. As I am flipping through the pages, I come across an article titled "Bike Park to Open in Eagle Mountain" Understandibly, I was surprised. One usually does not come across any article or story about Eagle Mountain that is positive, such is our lot in life.

Unfortunately, the PDF file for this month's paper isn't online yet, and I don't feel like transcribing it by hand this time. You can go to your nearest bike shop (as long as you are in Utah or Southern Idaho) and pick up your very own copy for free!

To sumarize the article, the mountain bike park in the Ranches at Eagle Mountain is having it's grand opening on Saturday, May 30 2009, which will be attended by city officials, WAFTA board members and volunteers. There will also be vendors on site for the celebration.

This park has been two years in the making, WAFTA members have worked closely with the city, and the local homeowners association to insure that there would be a seamless and comfortable relationship between all parties involved.

Last November, during one of our unseasonably warm weekends, my brother and I went and checked out the park. Even in its unfinished state, it still was incredibly fun. You could see that they had the making for a truly stellar park.

The Mountain Ranch Bike Park has their own blog. It hasn't been updated for a while, but with the weather (hopefully) starting to cooperate, I would guess that they will be announcing the grand opening, and more work parties shortly.

Due to a family camping trip that weekend, and our daughters pilgramage with her friend to Forks, WA to imerse herself in all things Twilight Sunday the 31st, I probably won't be able to make it to the grand opening. If so, I will post pictures. If not, I am planning on making an excursion down the road one of these weekends (granted it isn't raining) and I will let you know how it is.


Kelly Hill said...

Nice! We'll see what we can do to get you there.... for a few minutes anyway. ; )


Keni said...

family camping trip???? like our family? when? am i a part of that? how long will it be? hey, am i asking to many questions?

Kelly Hill said...

yes, you ask too many questions.

the family camping trip was going to be our ward campout, but it's the next weekend instead. i guess dad will be able to attend the opening anyway.

love you both.

Bike Junkie said...

That would have the ward campout. I thougty it was next weekend, not the first weekend in June. So, yes, you would have been involved.