11 May 2009

This one's for my daughter

My darling firstborn, Keni, has a thing for a certain member of a certain boy band who happens to share the same birthday as her, only he is a year older (I only know this because she has mentioned it countless times).

I was scouring (okay, lightly brushing) the internet looking for a picture that said both "Mothers Day" and "bicycling". no such picture was to be found in my minutes of searching, but I did come across this picture

I don't know exactly what Nick Jonas on a cruiser bike has to do with Mother's Day, maybe he was riding it on Mother's Day, or maybe his mom bought it for him. All I can add is bad teeny-bopper boy band member for riding around without a helmet! And, unless he quits the music business and becomes a pro cyclist, this is the last time you will see a picture of Nick Jonas on this site.


Kelly Hill said...

but he has cool floofy hair... that looks like it could be used as a helmet. ; )

thanks for looking for a bike related mom's day pic. you failed, but thanks anyway.


Keni said...

i love him.