24 May 2009

What to do, what to do...

I have myself a small dilemma.

Next Sunday, we are packing the 3 kids, plus my daughter's friend and driving to Washington. Forks, Washington to be more precise, so my daughter can revel in all things Twilight for a week. We are taking two days to drive up there, with a stop in Portland. And two days back, stopping in Boise.

Since this trip was planned, I have stated that I am taking my bike with us. Today, I have began to doubt if that will be the case.

Firstly, a bicycle, and all it's accompanying gear takes up a fairly significant amount of space. And when you consider that we are loading a minivan with 4 kids (my 3 + friend) and 2 adults for an 8 day trip, space is already at a premium. Next concern is dealing with a bike at the hotel. As stated previously a road bike does take up a certain amount of space. And since I am the paranoid type, I will be insisting that we take it off the van and storing it in the room when we get to the hotel . Then there is the possibility that I won't get to ride because of weather - thinking back on last year's anniversary trip to Sedona, Az where I took my bike, and it snowed on us the entire time we were down there, or my daughter's plans - She has "advised" me that we will have a full schedule while we are in Forks, and there will probably not be any time to go riding.

Then there is leaving the bike home. On June 13th, a week after we get back, I am riding the Golden Spike Century in Brigham City, Ut to raise money for the American Diabetes Association. With the weather acting like it has been this year, I am way, way down on my training, and being off of the bike for a week isn't going to help my chances to successfully complete a 100 mile ride.

Kelly mentioned a third alternative to taking the bike, or going without for a week; renting. She found a shop in Portland that rents out road bikes. I would just need to bring my pedals so I could use my shoes and everything would be ready to go. The problems that arise from this option, is that my riding time is limited by when the shop opens. There is the possibility that the shop will not have my size available, and there may not be a shop in Forks that rents out bicycles. The plus to this idea, is I will get to ride some sexy carbon, or unobtainium bike, instead of my lugged steel beast (disclaimer: I love my bike. It is not a beast, but it also isn't a 15 lb carbon fiber wonderbike...)

So, I open this up to you, my friends. What is your suggestion? Do I take the bike, take my gear, and rent a bike, or neither? Your input is greatly appreciated.


Julie said...

I put my suggestion on FB. It's a good one. You should go with it.

Mom said...

The thing about taking the bike with you -- aside from the space problem -- is if you get out of the car anyplace along the way to go sight seeing, or touring the area, you will have to take the bike down and lock it in the van everytime you go someplace along the way -- where there wouldn't be a room to lock it in. I say don't take it. It will end up spoiling your trip !!