30 July 2009

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market pictures

Some of the pictures I took while walking around the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Expo this year. Some of the products and retailers will be featured in later posts as I review or talk about them.
A cool lightweight gear trailer at the Yakima booth.

Cake toppers for the outdoorsy types when they get married.

Lots of companies used bikes in their booth display, even if their product didn't have anything to do with bicycles. I don't remember what product was being offered here, but I liked the old trailer and cruiser bike.

Dogs were everywhere.

The Salt Lake Bicycle Collective was again on site with their free bike parking service.

Love this shirt.

Camelback is introducing a new integrated hydration pack/jersey combo for 2010, the Veloback. It differs from this year's raceback in that the Veloback has a zipper and 3 rear pockets - like a standard cycling jersey, but also has the integrated 70 oz. bladder. Price point is expected to come in around $130.

A survival pack, small enough to fit in a medium to large seat pack on your mountain bike.

Pictures really cannot express how large this expo is, and how many booths there actually are.

Swobo was outside with a fleet of demo bikes you could check out and ride around the town. If only I would have had more time...

Don't have bleached blonde spiky locks? Always wanted to? Now you can!

Action wipes. Watch for an upcomming review of this product.

Tarma designs necklace. Made from recycled materials. I liked the bicycle pendant.

Messenger bags by Green Guru out of Denver. The top one is made from recycled vinyl from a billboard, and the bottom one is made from a tractor innertube.

GelBot bottles. I didn't get a bottle to review, but I am impressed with this product. Watch for an upcomming post about it.

My hairy arm. Actually you are looking at the Extreme Sports ID bracelet. Review of this product soon.

For the multi-sport enthusiast who wants to leave a minimal footprint when he travels, a kayak trailer for your mountainbike.

Buff. Don't know what a Buff is? Watch any episode from any season of Survivor. Those streatchy, lycra tubes they are wearing on their heads, wrists, midriffs (for the skankier female consestants)? Those are Buffs. Review coming soon.

Clif Bar. I have expressed my love for the Clif Bar before. No trip to the OR expo would be complete without a trip to the Clif booth. Tried the soon to be released Shot Roks, yummy!

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