15 February 2010

Arrest Warrent Issued for Floyd Landis

One of these two men is wanted by the French government. They both look pretty shady to me.

The story broke today that The French government has issued an arrest warrent for Floyd Landis. He is accused of hacking into a French drug testing laboratory computer. Landis was stripped of the 2006 Tour de France title after failing a doping test. A subsequent court case where Landis tried to prove that the lab that tested his samples had made errors in testing failed in redeeming the cyclist.

Landis has continued to proclaim that he is innocent of doping. He finished his two year probation last year and rode with Team OUCH, powered by Maxxis. He has not turned up on any team rosters yet for the 2010 season.

More of the story can be read here.

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