25 February 2010

Yesterday was like Christmas

I come home from work yesterday, and Kelly tells me that a package had come for me. Thinking that it was the shirt I ordered, I grabbed the package. The padded mailer was far too large and bulky for a single t-shirt, and the shipping label said it was from Icebreaker, not the company I expected it to be from. Opening it up, I found this inside.

Can you say, Holy Christmas, Batman! I got a goodie box from Icebreaker. A lightweight Merino jersey, a pair of Merino socks, a tube of Nuun, and some Honey Stinger. I was in bike geek heaven!

I am wearing the socks as I type this (as you can see from the picture below), and my first impressions are good, very comfortable. I hope to have a full review of the socks and the jersey up soon, I need to do some on-bike product testing first.

me likey!

Thanks again to Molly from Icebreaker for sending this my way.

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Mom said...

Nice! Always great to get unsolicited gifts.