06 March 2010

Long term product review, Day one - FTM Sport Multi

Last week, I won a bottle of FTM SportMulti multivitamins from District Cycling and FTM. They only asked that I try them for a month, and share my opinions of them.

Gregg from District Cycling talked to the inventer of the vitamins on his podcast last Sunday (listen to it here) and will interview me, and the other two people who are testing it out at the end of the month.

I decided that I will also do a review on my blog. I'll check in periodically to let you know how the vitamins are doing.

So, let's start. The recommended use for the vitamins say to take 3 capsules with breakfast, and 3 capsules with dinner if exercising daily, and to only take 3 in the morning if not exercising daily, or just living an active lifestyle. Today will be the first day. I'll check back soon.

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