30 April 2010

2 rides, one Tutu...

Those of you who have read this blog for the past 2 years are probably aware that I am involved with a charity ride that is close to my heart because the disease we are trying to do away with has affected several family members and friends. The American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure. This will be my 5th year participating.

This year, I decided to ride in another charity ride, the bike MS, in honor of my Sister-in-law, Joan, who has suffered with MS for the past 15 years of her life.

The general idea of charity rides, as you know, is to ask people to contribute money under your name for the cause. 

That is what I am doing here. Asking for your help. but i'm going to use a hook to get your participation that I haven't tried before - public humiliation.

This is a picture of me cheezing for my wife's camera in a tutu my daughter made for Halloween. Now imagine me wearing my full cycling kit along with that tutu, riding my bike for 100+ miles.

Here's the deal. If I raise at least $2000 for the American Diabetes Association I'll wear this tutu on the 100 mile course. If I raise $1000 for the MS, I'll wear it for the first day, $2000, both days. I can guarantee that If I'm wearing a tutu, pictures will be taken, and I'll post them here after the rides.

Want to help me make a fool of myself in the name of two causes that are very important to me? Contribute.

Go here to contribute to my American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure cause.

Go here to contribute to my bike MS cause.

Contribute to one, contribute to both. If I reach my goal on both, I'll wear it on both rides.  There's not much time left.  The Tour de Cure is on June 12th, and the bike MS is on June 26th.

All joking aside, these are both very important causes to me.  I would be extremely grateful for any help you are able to give.  Thank you for your genorisity and your help in fighting these two, very serious illnesses.

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Mom said...

Nice look, Kendall!! I'm not sure I'll claim you though.