14 April 2010

Plan C update

Plan C is moving forward...

Just to remind everyone, Plan C refers to me adding another bicycle to my "stable" (Can you call 2 bikes and 2 unicycles a stable?).

Plan A - was the purchase of a "low end" complete fixed-gear bike from the likes of Wal-Mart, or Jenson USA. The guys at Urban Velo have a very good, surprisingly fair and unbiased review of the Mongoose Cachet that Wal-Mart is selling for $150, Eben Weiss aka BikeSnobNYC also has a review. If you are familiar with his blog, you can imagine his review.

Plan B - was finding an 80's cromoly road bike and removing all of the superfluous and unnecessary bits*, like shifters, derailleurs, gears, etc..., add a new rear wheel and voila! a fixed gear. (*Brakes are not "unnecessary bits" in my opinion.)

Plan C - buy everything on craigslist/eBay that I don't already have downstairs and build my own. As I mentioned in my previous post about this, I had purchased a wheelset off of craigslist, and was awaiting delivery. The wheels are now in my possession. A pair of black velocity hubs mated to some white Alex rims. The rear wheel came with a 16t fixed cog and lockring. I just need to pick up a freewheel cog to take advantage of the flip/flop hub.

The frame is another story... I found a frame on eBay, successfully won the bid, and am waiting for confirmation of delivery from the seller. Once I have it in my possession, I will elaborate further. I will say this, I am going to ask for your input. Yes, all of you who read this blog will have a hand in deciding a fairly significant part of my upcoming bike build.

More to come (hopefully) soon. Pictures too!

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