27 May 2010

American Flyers Commerative Specialized Tarmac SL3

If you are a cyclist, chances are you have seen the movie, American Flyers, a story about two brothers reconnecting and coming to grips with the illness that took their father, that now threatens one of them (hope I didn't give away too much if you haven't seen it). All set against the backdrop of the 1985 Coors Classic stage race in Colorado.

The uncredited star in the movie is the bicycle they ride in the race, a bright red Specialized Allez.

Flash forward 25 years to the 2010 Tour of California. Team Saxo Bank rolls up to the line on a Specialized Tarmac SL3 painted to commerate the Allez from American Flyers.

Simply, stunningly classic. In a day where it seems that most production frames are painted by someone who is going through a manic phase, and the rule on stickers is there can't be too much, the understated retro-styled graphics and the bright red color really stand out. The American Flyers Commerative Tarmac was the idea of Bobby Julich - one of the most successfull American cyclists in history, and who now works for Team Saxo Bank. Julich was inspired by the movie as a young boy. You can see more pictures of the bikes on RoadBike Action's site, where I borrowed the pictures that I have posted.

It actually gives me an idea for my bike, if I ever decide to paint it.  My frame is an Allez pro (aluminum, not steel, unfortunately)  Maybe when I get tired of the pink, I'll shoot it red, with white graphics. 

Let's hope that the commerative bike makes it to the retail market.

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The Mop said...

I want the old one!!!