12 May 2010

It is so on...

My 15-year-old daughter just texted me saying that she's knocked 2 minutes off of her indoor mile. I guess they make them run track for gym at her high school.

I text her back saying that's great and she is probably faster than me in the run, but I can crush her on the bike.

I guess some explaining is in order here.

Last August, my daughter participated in her first sprint triathlon, she did this for her personal progress portion of the Young Women medallion from our church. I sat on the sidelines, cheering her on, the whole time kicking myself for not signing up to race with her. I participated in my firs triathlon later on in November.

Both of us are signed up for the Bountiful Triathlon on August 14th this year.

The text-smack talk continues: "You're hilarious. I'm young and stretchy. I could come close to beating you"

Sounds like a challenge. Oh, it is so on....

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