21 May 2010

I've been nominated!

Every so often, things happen in our lives that we have no explanation of, or understanding why they do.

Today is one of those examples. My humble little blog has been nomintated.

Darryl at www.lovingthebike.com/ has started the Crank directory. It is a listing of cycling related blogs Worldwide broken down into categorys such as Commuter, Lifestyle. Road, Mountain, Women's, etc...

To start if off, He has a poll for "World Cycling Blog Honors" I am nominated in the Road Cycling category.

I am deeply honored (and slightly confused) to have made it to the top 5 blogs in this extensive list.

Again, I don't ask much from you, dear readers, but if you could do me one small favor... Please vote for me! Go to www.cranklisted.com/ and cast your vote. Also vote in the other categories. In the lifestyle category, I would suggest voting for Elden at Fat Cyclist.

I guess since I am now a "nominated blog", I need to step up the quality of the posts.

Tell your friends.

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