30 May 2010

Mechanized doping

Yes, you saw correctly.  Not only do we have Floyd saying that he has doped his entire career, and willing to come forward with the means he, and - according to him - several others have evaded doping controls. We now have people saying that some riders are motorizing their bikes to get an unfair advantage.  Most of the stories I have heard are the riders will use the bikes in the first part of the race, to save their legs, and then switch out the "assisted" bike claiming a mechanical problem for a traditional bike just in case the bike is scrutinized at the finish. 

The mechanisim in the video appears to be a Gruber Assist.  The video also seems to be pointing a rather accusing finger at Cancellara - even thouth they say that they aren't accusing anyone of using mechanical assistance.  Until they come up with concrete evidence that he has been riding what amounts to a motorbike in the peleton, I'm going to believe that he is innocent.

at 1800£ ($2600) it is a much cheaper means to cheat, especially considering Floyd has said that he spent about $90,000 a year doping.

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