16 May 2010

Ride report: Cycle Salt Lake Century

Yesterday was the first long ride of the year for me. Heck, it was the first century I've done since 2008.

Instead of boring you with a travelogue of the entire ride, I'll just hit some of the highlights.
  • Helping with registration was fun.
  • But, that meant that my day had to start at 4:30.
  • I didn't hit the course until 8:30
  • The weather couldn't have been more perfect.
  • The first half of the ride, I was feeling strong, and riding great.
  • Some of the course markers had been destroyed by the rain the day before, so there were a couple of places were we weren't sure which way to go, and a couple of places where we didn't go the right way.
  • The course is mostly flat.
  • Lunch was great! You can't go wrong with make-your-own sandwiches and chips.
  • I was feeling good, and going strong until about mile 50.
  • Right around mile 50, my lower back started hurting.
  • About mile 50 is when we headed out the causeway to Antelope Island.
  • The causeway is 7.5 miles of completely flat road across the GSL

  • There is always a headwind blowing along the causeway.  I averaged 12 mph all the way to the island.
  • Instead of turning around at the marina and heading back, the course took us on a 6 mile loop on the west side of the island. 
  • I contimplated turning around, but stuck it out and rode around the island.
  • Ibuprofen will help a sore back.  Somewhat.
  • The only buffalo I saw on the island was fiberglass.

  • Heading back out the causeway was much better.  (tailwinds are good things.)
  • I didn't stop back at the lunch stop after coming back from the island because I wouldn't want to get back on the bike.
  • My back was still hurting.
  • I did stop at the last rest stop, and I almost didn't want to get back up and finish the ride.
  • I did finish the ride, but my tank was completely empty for the last 17 miles.
  • I saw several people riding back to do a double century as I was coming in. I was jealous because there is no way that I could be doing that right now.
  • I finished the ride with an average speed of 15 mph.
  • I did finish!
  • Nothing tastes better after a long ride than a lime popcicle.
  • I went home, and took a couple of muscle relaxants for my lower back, and was sound asleep on the couch by 7:00PM.
  • I'll be back on the bike tomorrow.

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Kelly Hill said...

Absolutely impressive, Hon. You never cease to amaze me. I love you. Way to go....