03 May 2010


After reading the title, some of you may be wondering what this post is about.  You may think that I picked up my subscription to Spudman magazine,

While it does look like a compelling read, sadly that is not the case.  What the title is referring to is the Burley Lions Club Spudman Triathlon.

everything is blurrier in Idaho - seriously, I could only find this one logo for the Spudman Tri online.

Thanks to a friend (Thanks, Steve) who works for one of the sponsors of the Spudman Tri, I was able to get into it even though registration was closed. 

So, I have an Olympic-distance triathlon coming up in slightly less than 3 months time.  Probably should put down the diet-coke, and start training. 

Seriously, with only 3 months until the race there are a few things that I need to do.
  1. Hotel room - this is a popular race.  We checked a few of the hotels to see if we could get a room... no vacancy.  Fortunately, Kelly has family living in the Burley area.  Hope they don't mind having a houseguest for an evening? 
  2. Wetsuit - I went down to PowerTri to rent a wetsuit. This was the first time that I have tried on a wetsuit.   That was an interesting sensation, being encased in a rubber suit from my wrists to my ankles.  I felt like a sausage. 
  3. Training - I haven't been near a swimming pool to swim laps since last November, and haven't ran since then either.  I need to get going. 
I'm sure that there are many other things I need to do in the next three months, I just can't think of them right now.

Oh, and another note.  I'll be doing this triathlon on a completely plant-based diet.  Go vegan!

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Anonymous said...

Swim class every Tuesday & Thursday at 11:30 at the Steiner West swimming pool—has a coach who is getting a group of us ready for the spudman!