21 June 2010

Having a good morning.

You ever have one of those days where everything feels right? Yeah, me neither.

Until this morning.

I went to the gym as usual to go running - I am supposed to be training for a triathlon, you know. I didn't expect too much, since my legs were sore, and my left heel was cracked and hurting. I had a backup plan of spending time on the elliptical trainer if my heel proved too much of a problem. I started off with a lap of walking just to get warmed up, and my heel was starting to hurt. The backup plan was looking more and more like it was going to become a reality. I decided to start running to see what happened.

What happened surprised me. Everything felt great. My heel didn't hurt (mainly because I wasn't landing on it when my foot struck the ground) and my legs were feeling really good. I did one lap, two laps, and then three laps. As I was coming around for a fourth lap, I decided to back off a bit, mostly because I have the Bike MS ride coming up this weekend, and I don't want to toast my legs in training before the ride (I would like to be able to do the full 175 this weekend).

I finished the rest of my run alternating 2-3 laps running (sometimes I lost count), and 1 lap walking. When I stopped my iPod with the Nike+ attached, It told me that my mile time was my fastest so far - more than a second faster than my previous. (I'm still slow, but it's still nice for someone to tell you you're fast, plus I'm still fairly new at this "running" thing).

The best part is I felt like I could have kept on running, but I needed to get ready for work.

It kind of puts you in a good mood having a morning like that. Enjoy your day!


KJae said...

Way to go, Hon. That's awesome.

Mom said...

Good job, Ken. You'll get there yet !!