10 June 2010

Make a list...

With one of my planned century rides coming up this weekend, and needing to pack for it tonight and tomorrow morning, this post came to mind. Most of us know this, but it doesn't hurt to share and re-hash it.

Take a tip from the big guy who visits good little boy and girl cyclists every December 25th and brings them all of the cycling goodies they asked for: Make a list, and check it twice.

If your race or ride starts around the corner from your house (the Pony Express Century actually does start within a mile from my front door) you probably won't forget something important, and if you do, you can run back home and get it before the race or ride starts. Most of us don't have that luxury, and we will be traveling some distance to the event. Forgetting something like gloves or sunglasses is minor, you can survive without them. Forgetting something critical like shoes, helmet, or a front wheel (it's happened, not to me fortunately) can DNF you before you even start.

Good luck with your races and rides this weekend. Here's to blue skies and clear roads!

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Mom said...

Yes !! Here, here !! Here's wishing you good riding, and Hope you don't get rained on toooooo much !!

Love you, Mom