23 July 2010

Food Friday: Element Bars pre-review.

This week's Food Friday is more of a pre-review.

Earlier this week, I recieved a package from Element Bars. Element Bars is a new bar company that has an interesting premise, they let you create your own bars. You choose from a core, add fruits, nuts, sweetners, and boosts (such as protien mix) by dragging your selection to the ingredient pane of the window. Several of the ingredients are organic, or have organic options available.

One of the really cool features is while you are creating your masterpiece in bar form, there is a nutrition label that shows you exactly how much calories, fat, protein, etc... you are putting into your bar, and that nutrition label will be on the back of your bar.

The nutrition label will change depending on what you add or remove from the ingredient pane.

There are two different types of bar you can create. The standard element bar, and the Element Endurance energy bar, which has a higher amount of protein.

*Not necessarily a word of warning, but the Endurance bars use whey protein in the core mix, so they aren't vegan. The standard bars can be made completely vegan, and have soy protein available as one of the boosts.
Once you have the perfect bar created, you click on Checkout to go to the ordering page. If there is something that won't work well together (such as the datey core and any additional sweetners), it will let you know then so you can correct it. You can also personalize your bars by naming them.

I'll be running the bars I recievd past my highly trained panel of testers (my wife and kids) this weekend, and will post their opinions of them in next Friday's post.

I'll also have a surprise in next weeks post, so stay tuned!

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