06 July 2010

My thoughts on bike commuting so far.

It has been 2 days since I started commuting by bike/public transit (Monday was considered a holiday, and bus service wasn't operating so I was forced to drive to work.)

What I've noticed so far...

  • I have a really easy commute. 5.1 miles to the bus stop on a shared-use path (the road has no shoulder, and I don't feel like playing dogdge-em with cars at 5:30 AM) with a small hill.
  • There aren't very many people to share the path with at 5:30 AM.
  • I do have to leave my house a little earlier than I would if I was driving.
  • The hour I spend on the bus gives me plenty of time to catch up on my podcasts. Listened to the Velocast podcast this morning.
  • The bus drops me off .7 miles from my office.
I haven't made the return trip yet. Friday - my first day of commuting by bike - I rode from my office to my Mom's house where we were staying for the holiday weekend. Only thing I am concerned about is if there are other commuters who ride their bike to the bus stop. There aren't any other bikes on my bus in the morning, but there is a later bus in the morning.  Each bus can carry two bikes.  I'd hate to be bike #3 seeing as there is no later bus heading homeward. We'll have to see.

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Mom said...

Since there are no later busses, and you live such a long ways away, don't you think they might make an exception and let you take the bike on the bus at the back or something. I think I'd ask the driver a "what if..." question.