20 August 2010

Tour of Utah 2010 - Stage 2 results

I have been a huge slacker. I have tried to post pictures and video I took at the start of Stage 2, but either haven't gotten around to it, or have had trouble uploading the videos. Since I won't be home till later tonight, I figured I would post the results from yesterday.

Sad news is that George Hincapie crashed, and had to abandon. I hope he has a speedy recovery, and is able to race in the nationals next month.

Here are the stage 2 results, and the jersey standings.

1 Levi Leipheimer (Mellow Johnny's) 3:11:43
2 Francisco Mancebo Perez (Canyon Bicycles) + 0:51
3 Ian Boswell (Bissell Pro Cycling) + 0:52
4 Darren Lill (Fly V Australia) + 1:00
5 Phillip Zajicek (Fly V Australia) + 1:18

I'll try to have pictures and a great video interview with Utah's own Burke Swindlehurst up tonight or tomorrow morning.

As always, go to http://www.tourofutah.com/ for more information.

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