24 August 2010

Tour of Utah 2010 - Stage 4 (part 1 -The future of our sport?)

I love the criterium stage of the Tour of Utah.  All of the action is contained in a 1 mile lap, and you get to see the dynamics of the race change on almost every lap. 

Problem is, I take more than 3 times the number of pictures on the criterium stage than on any of the other stages. 

So, I'm breaking Stage 4 down into two posts.

Before the pros hit the road, they held several amateur crit races. for cat 1 on down.  The best ones were the kids races.  You watch these kids race around the course, and you have to wonder if you're looking at a future Tour de France champion. 

slight downhill + sharp left + a bunch of little kids going all out = CRASH!

The 11-12 year-olds  were the serious ones.  They were out to perform.

the look on his face says it all.

Watching these kids, I don't worry about the future of our sport.

Tomorrow, the PRO's

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