16 September 2010

They grow up so fast...

Today my little girl is 16.

Wait..  16!!!! I can't be old enough to have a dating, driving teenager!

It seemed like just a couple of years ago that she was riding down the sidewalk on her first bike without training wheels.

Now she's all growed up and racing in triathlons with her old (not that old, mind you) man.

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Keni Girl!


GMom Myrn said...

My, how the time flies when you're having fun !!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sweet girl !! Hope it is a GREAT ONE.
Love you much,

Loving the Bike said...

Good thing I came over here today. Man, I am going to be in the same boat as you in a few years. My Daughter turns 12 in December and I'm already fearing the teenage years.

Happy birthday to your baby girl....enjoy the day and celebrate sweet 16 style.