22 November 2010

The Torture Chamber

For those of us who are not fortunate enough to live in a more temperate climate, this is the time of year where our outdoor passion becomes our indoor torture.

We set up our bicycles on trainers or rollers and spin away the hours, waiting for Mother Nature to take pity on us and bring back the warmer weather. 

Some of us spin to music, some watch TV, others will subjugate ourselves to programs designed to make us suffer - to atone for sins we committed during the outdoor riding season such as being too slow, too heavy etc...

The torture chambers are as individual as the riders themselves.  Some are spartan - all you really need to suffer is a bike, and a trainer - others are luxurious, with a big screen TV and other amenities.  Some are in the basement, some are in a spare bedroom, some - by the graces of a very understanding spouse, or not having anyone to answer to - are in the living room.

Wherever your torture chamber is, as you spin out the hours in relative solitude, you can take comfort in knowing that - in the grand scheme of things - you are not alone.  There are many of us doing the same thing in our own torture chambers.  We are together in our solitude, waiting until spring...

my bicycle's home until the Groundhog gives the all clear for spring to return


Joe said...

Love it. I posted one of my own "torture chamber" a few weeks ago on twitter. (@jskells314)

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Joe said...

PS- Yours is way more organized than mine...and I don't have a pink bike.