02 December 2010

3rd Annual Bike Junkie's Holiday Gift Guide

This year for the 3rd annual Bike Junkie's gift guide, I thought I would focus on one of my favorite things: t-shirts. I have many, many t-shirts in my closet. If you ask my wife, she would say that I have too many t-shirts. What can I say? I don't have a "dress code" at the real job, and wear t-shirts almost all the time.

What could be better than displaying your passion on your shirt? Here are some shirts that I have found, with links to the companies who sell them. Some of the companies I am showcasing have numerous designs available - and I'm showing my favorites, others only have the one design. Regardless, they all show a passion for the sport.

Happy Holidays!

Cyclocosm -  Cyclocosm is an independent cycling news and commentary blog.  Their shirts tend to reflect their pro-cycling leanings, from the "elements of cycling" shirts (Love the Paris-Roubaix), to their (justifiable) opinion of the UCI and their questionable rulings of recently.  The Giro d'Italia winners shirt is an instant classic.

Punk Rock Racing -  The one solitary triathlon shirt in the gift guide. A subtle play on the Ramones logo.

Twin 6 -  I'm not at all ashamed of professing my love for Twin 6. I have a couple of their shirts in my closet already! They have way too many designs to show here, so I'll show a couple of my favorites.

Stomach of Anger -  Stomach of Anger was created after Andy Shleck's uttered his famous quote during the 2010 Tour de France after loosing the yellow jersey to Alberto Contador because of a dropped chain. They have since expanded their line, including a shirt paying tribute to Jens Voigt's famous "Shut up legs" quote. My favorite has to be their logo shirt.

The Sufferfest -  You watch the videos in your basement during the winter months, why not let the world know that you suffer! Plus, explaining what IWBMATTKYT means will never get old.

Après Velo -  Do you worship at the Church of Cog? Do you believe that Eddy Merckx should be given sainthood? Show people where your true passion lies.

Spoke Apparel -  Show the world that cycling isn't just under your skin, it goes all the way to the bone.

Faction Cycling - Classic pinup girl, Love the saying on the back.

Loving the Bike -  Had to include this one from my friend Darryl. You simply can't say it any better than this shirt does. "Enjoy Your Ride"

Race Shirts - Instead of buying a shirt for your favorite cyclist or triathlete, give them a free shirt from a race that they have always wanted to do! Of course, you'll still have to pay for their entry into the event. Let's be honest, some of the race shirts are downright ugly, but every so often, you'll find one that you won't mind wearing in public. My favorite race shirt so far has to be from the Dirty Dash.


Loving the Bike said...

Very cool....I was totally digging your post long before I realized that you included the Loving the Bike shirts in your list. Thanks, my friend.

You've got some great ideas here...thanks for creating the list.


ak said...

Hey this is a great compilation of cool shirts. Like your style Kendall.