01 January 2011

Starting things off right

Well, it's done. The first weigh-in of 2011, and I'm happy to report that it wasn't a disaster.

I went into the holiday season at 197, got down to 187 with motivation and help courtesy of Elden, the "Fat Cyclist" and his contest, and came out the other end less than what I started. I consider that a win.

So, I'm sitting here right now trying to decide if I really want to go outside and do my traditional New Year's Day ride even though the temperature is a balmy 4 degrees outside right now, or go downstairs instead and spend some quality time with the Sufferfest.

I'll let you know.
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1 comment:

Kelly Hill said...

I should NOT have had to see that big ugly toe this early in the morning!! Disclaimer next time, please!