04 February 2011

Injinji Footwear

Another quick mini-review from Outdoor Retailer.

Injinji Footwear are designed to enable the human foot to function naturally and efficiently inside a shoe. They offer a seamless design that allows the foot to move naturally - just like being barefoot. They are also currently (to my knowledge) the only performance sock that will work with Vibram's popular 5-finger shoe line.

I have a pair of their comfort toesocks that I recieved last year at the Outdoor Retailer show. The initial reaction when you first put them on, and while wearing them for the first while is "there is something wrong down there!" Having each of your toes with their own little home is unusual, but you quickly get used to it. After a couple of washings, the socks develop a "memory" and they are easier to put on, and conform to your toe-shape better.

The first day of this year's show, I wore my regular socks, and by the end of the day my toes were sweaty, sticky, and it was really uncomfortable. The 2nd day, I wore my toesocks, and I didn't have any problems (my feet still hurt from all of the walking...).

New to the lineup this year is a thin liner toesock. They are perfect for wearing under other socks for additional warmth, or inside tight-fitting footwear where the additional bulk of normal-weight socks can cause some constriction, such as cycling shoes. I'm currently wearing mine while I spin on the trainer in the basement. Lenghts are available from micro to crew lengths.

More info can be found at www.injniji.com
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Custom Bikes said...

Nice post :)
I've seen my friends wearing these cool fitting socks and shoes. They look really comfortable. Too bad I can't wear them because I have two toes on each foot that are webbed together.

Anonymous said...

They make a split toe