16 February 2011

Photo of the Day

Phil Keoghan and me. April 2, 2009 Cedar City, Utah

I've resurrected an old picture from almost 2 years ago for today's post.

Back in 2009 Phil Keoghan set off on a cross-country ride to support MS. He happened to come through Utah on my birthday, and thanks to a very supportive and understanding wife who let me drive the 4 hours to Cedar City, and sleep in her van in a Wal-Mart parking lot, I was able to meet, and ride with Phil. 

Phil is currently on another cross-country trip. This time he is attending screenings of "The Ride", the movie made about his 2009 ride. There are still a couple of stops left before it finishes in New York on Friday. 

For more information about The Ride, and Phil's cause, go to http://www.noopportunitywasted.com/.

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