12 July 2011

Bear Lake Monster Century

This past weekend was the inaugural running of the Bear Lake Monster Century up in Montpelier, ID.

I've lived in Utah almost all of my life, but I've only been past Bear Lake a couple of times, and never spent any time up there, so I was excited to ride somewhere I've never been before.

Let me say that the ride was perfect! The weather couldn't have been better, and the scenery was beautiful! The climb up to Minnetonka Cave was challenging - but not overly so. And, we had some interesting "street furniture (of the mobile, leather upholstered, mooing variety)" to deal with on the ride up and back down from the cave.

If I had any complaints about the ride - nothing against the organizers, they did a great job - it would be the road surfacing that the state of Idaho seems to like to put on every street surface. The chip-seal surfacing that saps your momentum every time you stop pedaling, resists every pedal stroke, and vibrates up through your tires completely drained my energy on the east side of the lake through the rollers.

After the ride (and requisite nap), we went to the little Mexican restaurant next to the hotel for dinner with some friends. Remember how I said the weather was perfect? Well, when we came out of the restaurant, it was pouring rain! Someone likes the event organizers up there!

Not too many pictures were taken, but enjoy what there are. There was also an event photographer at a couple of locations on the ride to capture our suffering and enjoyment of the ride. The best (subjective terminology, considering the subject) pictures of me are here, and here.

Route map.

It's July, the Tour de France is on, and I'm riding in Paris!!! (well, Paris, Idaho...)

I know I posted a pic of the "mountain cows" over the weekend, but they were so much fun!

Greg and me at the top of the Minnetonka cave climb.
riding towards North Beach

on the east side of Bear lake.

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe...

...and we're done. 100 miles

What would you expect to get at the finish of a ride called the "Monster"?

back to the hotel, and... crash!

next morning. Vive le Tour!

You can't go to Bear Lake without having a raspberry shake (at least that is what the wife was telling me). No non-dairy versions unfortunately, so none for me. This was only one of 2 places open on Sunday, hence the line.

Maybe I'll rent one of these to ride in next year's Bear Lake Monster...

We came home to a freak downpour that completely overwhelmed the storm drains. Several houses were flooded in our neighborhood. We fortunately didn't have too much water in our basement, Greg didn't fare as well.

This ride is definitely among my favorite rides now. I'll be back next year!

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