16 August 2012

Trail-Side Bicycle Vending Machine

I spotted this as stopped to gas up the car on my way back from the final stage of the Tour of Utah.

A workstand with common tools securely attached and a pump too.

Yes, that is a bicycle vending machine and workstation. It was in front of Mama Chus - a Mexican restaurant at the mouth of the Provo canyon, right off of the Provo river parkway trail - a popular family trail that runs from Vivian park down to Utah lake, and a popular route for cyclists riding from Provo to Heber and beyond. 

It's hard to tell because of the reflection, and the dirtiness of the glass, but there was a wide assortment of products available to any cyclist who brought their credit card with them. From tubes, batteries, Clif bars, RedBull, chains, tools, lights, even chamois cream!

The machine was placed, and is maintained by a local bike shop - Mad Dog Cycles.

Due to glare, and the overall dirtiness of the glass, I couldn't get a decent picture of the contents. 

I have to say that I love this!

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