05 June 2013

Tour de GreenBike

Yesterday was such a nice day that I decided to go for a bike ride at lunch.

Who am I kidding, I go for a bike ride every day at lunch! Yesterday just was an exceptionally nice day to do so.

What made yesterday’s ride different was where I went, and what I did.

Last week, I read about this challenge that Houston B-cycle is putting on for their annual members. They’re calling it the “Houston Tour de B-Cycle”. The challenge is to bike to all 22 stations in the Houston B-cycle system in a single day, completing a loop by returning to the station you started from. The challenge runs from June 10, to July 10 (so everyone isn’t trying to do it at the same time). What do you get for completing the challenge? Bragging rights, and a t-shirt.

Salt Lake doesn’t have an official “Tour de GreenBike” yet (…hopefully this is something they will do in the future. Hint, hint any GreenBikeSLC peeps reading this) so I staged my own personal tour yesterday.

With only 10 stations to navigate through, It was fairly easy to find a route between stations that didn’t backtrack on itself too much, and it took just over an hour.

I did have one problem, one of the stations didn’t register that I returned my bike, and wouldn’t let me check another one out since it thought I still had a bike out. A quick call to the support hotline, and they had me back out on another bike – but using a 24 hour pass instead of my annual membership – so even though I did hit all the stations, I don’t have a data trail to confirm it.

there should be 4 more check-ins on this ride.

I’ll try again, just because it was fun. Plus, I want to have the trail on my account as proof.

If you have a bike share in your area, have you done the tour yet?

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