30 September 2013

Blessing of the Bikes

Saturday morning, the Cathedral Church of St. Mark in Salt Lake City held its annual Blessing of the Bikes. Dozens of people brought out their bikes - everything from Harleys down to a tricycle. There even was a guy with a replica penny-farthing.

The Very Reverend Ray Waldon, Dean of the Cathedral, first said a prayer to bless all who came. After that. he and the rest of the Priests of the Episcopal church individually blessed each bike. Everyone in attendance was also given a St. Christopher's medallion as well.

Along with the prayer, they also held a bike safety rodeo put on by the Salt Lake City Police dept. The Navy came to attach reflectors and do a quick tune-up on the kids bikes.

Dean Waldon said that they wanted to focus the spotlight on safety, that there are too many who die or are needlessly injured.

The Navy fixing, and putting reflectors on the kid's bikes.

The blessing sticker and St. Christopher's medallion that they were handing out to all of the attendees.


Since I was there to get my bike blessed, I turned over photography duties to this guy. All photos courtesy Steve Hempel.

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